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About me

Portrait of Wing Pang smiling wearing a pink dress while holding a spoon.

I don’t use social media anymore but you can find me on LinkedIn, GitHub and my résumé here.

I’m a Sydney-based, Australian junior product designer studying a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Japan) at the University of Technology Sydney.

My mojo is in design systems and user interface design. Accessible design is a priority in my practice, and I believe in an inclusive and open web!

Oftentimes, I dabble in some code and work with frontend developers to build consistent, organised and reusable components that are mobile responsive.

  • 2023 – Web designer for Dr. Nicole Cama’s Darlinghurst Street project with developer Nick Clark (Macquarie-PHA Applied History Award winner)
  • 2020 – Illustration featured in Lane Cove Gallery online exhibition
  • 2020 – Animation featured at Microflix Film Festival
  • 2018 – Animation featured at Sydney Fringe Festival

On being a global-minded designer

I was born during a tropical cyclone in Hong Kong to a pair of incredibly supportive parents and blessed with two siblings who are equally as supportive. When I was around six years old, my father bravely uprooted the whole family to come to Australia.

One thing I love about being a Sydney-sider is the amount of cultural diversity we have. Cultural diversity benefits not only our social, but also professional lives.

We’re all shaped by the cultures we’re raised in, but being in a multicultural environment gives us the means to view ourselves outside of a microcosm. It gives rise to innovative ideas from new perspectives.

With the world being more digitally interconnected than ever before, I’m interested in creating designs that suit a modern, global citizen and solving problems that come along the way.

I’m bilingual in Cantonese, fluent in Mandarin and at an intermediate level in Japanese.

Portrait of Wing Pang smiling wearing a pink dress while holding a spoon.
Portrait of the back of Wing Pang on a train platform in Niigata, Japan, looking at the mountain scenary.
Icon showing the cityscape of Hong Kong.
Icon showing the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
Old photo of Wing Pang as a toddler, wearing her kindergarten uniform in Hong Kong.
Icon of a globe.
Photo of a traditional Chinese boat taken in Nanjing.
Photo of a traditional building in Kobuna Cho, Japan.

That's enough about me!

I'd love to get to know you